Do you have a price list?

Unfortunately not. Each event is priced individually and on many factors, including the type of event, location, duration, equipment requirements etc… We regularly review our competitors pricing to ensure we offer the most competitive prices possible.

How far do you travel?

We are prepared to travel anywhere within the UK. Any travel expenses will be agreed prior to the event and included in the total booking fee.

When is the best time to book?

Whenever you like, although we recommend that you confirm your venue before booking. We have a calendar filling up with dates as far ahead as two years away. It’s also worth remembering that summer dates do fill up faster as it is wedding season, So please keep this in mind and book early to avoid disappointment.

Do you accept bookings for Children’s Parties?

Unfortunately Not. We feel there are so many excellent children’s discos and performers in the Devon area and we would not be able to provide the same level of specialist service.

Our venue has asked that the DJ must provide valid PAT and Public Liability Insurance Certificates – Can you provide these?

Yes. All of our equipment has been PAT tested and we hold Public Liability cover up to 2 Million Pounds. You can download a copy of our PAT testing certificate and evidence of our Public Liability cover here.

Can you set up in advance of the event?

Yes. As long as the venue will grant us access and we are completely satisfied our equipment will be secure.

Do you require anything specific at the venue?

All that is required is an area of at least 4m (12’) x 2m (6’) to set up the equipment, 2 x standard 13 amp plug sockets and a safe parking space for our vehicle.

Can we determine the music you will play for the event / Do you accept playlists?

Your music tastes and requirements will be discussed well in advance of your event. We are happy to take a list of favourites and will play as many as possible, along with taking requests from guests on the night. We pride ourselves on choosing the right music at the right time in all the right circumstances, always with an eye to getting everyone dancing!

How will you be dressed?

We always dress smartly and according to the event. We are happy to join in with any fancy dress or themed events. If you have any specific dress requirements please advise prior to booking.

What lighting and pyrotechnics do you provide, will there be strobes and smoke?

Our lighting set up is a mixture of professional nightclub effects and mood lighting. We have no strobe effects in the line-up, although some of the more active effects flash from time to time. A smoke machine can be included, providing the venue has given us permission to use it before the event – it certainly adds to the ambience of the dance floor and comes recommended.

What happens if you are ill or unable to work on the day of our party? Is there a contingency plan?

One of the benefits of booking with Ocean City DJs is that we have a team of DJs and can arrange cover at very short notice, so there will be no issue If one of us is unable to attend. However in the unlikely event that neither of us can attend, we will firstly contact you at the earliest opportunity to make you fully are aware of the situation and will strive to provide you with a suitable replacement DJ at no extra cost.


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